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Polymer Handrails

ECY Armco is a leading supplier of BoPlan polymer handrail systems.

Polymer handrails are great for separating pedestrian zones from traffic areas where impact is likely, providing a highly visible and physical barrier.

Boplan Polymer Handrails use FLEX IMPACT® technology to resist damage on impact and return to the original form reducing the need for repair whilst protecting pedestrians.


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BoPlan Polymer Handrails

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ECY Armco Polymer Handrails

We offer a free quotation and support services.

Boplan polymer handrails are made to measure and are available for supply and installation or supply only. 

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How to Order Your Handrails and What Happens Next

  • 1. meausurements.png

    Polymer Handrail Measurements

    For us to design and quote for your polymer handrail requirements, please measure lengths and height required, including any corners and ends
  • 2. contact-us.png

    Contact us

    Phone or email us where our friendly staff will be happy to help.
  • 3. design-support.png

    Design & Support

    Our staff will use the information we have been given to advise you on the parts you will need for your Boplan handrail requirements and provide you with a quote.
  • 4. delivery-collection.png

    Delivery or Collection

    Our lead times will vary dependant on the job. Our helpful team to will be on hand to advise the lead time for your handrails
  • 5. installation.png

    BoPlan Handrail Installation - If Applicable

    Our team will install your handrail to a high standard. When your job is complete our team is on hand to further assist you should you need it.