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Polymer & BoPlan

Experience the power of FLEX IMPACT® technology

ECY Armco are a leading UK supplier of BoPlan safety barriers, handrails, bollards and wheel stops.

BoPlan polymer products are perfect for warehouses, this is an extensive modular array of polymer safety systems which have been specifically designed to create a safe work environment in an economically responsible way.

One important feature of polymer crash barrier is the built-in memory material, which absorbs the energy of the impact and returns the guardrail to its original shape. Crash tests have shown that this crash barrier can withstand the impact of a high-speed collision with a 3.5-ton forklift. 

We provide tailor-made flexible safety barrier and other protection solutions for warehousing, service-yards, industrial and off-highway applications nationwide.

ECY Armco can assist in specifying your BoPlan polymer safety barriers, column protectorshandrails, bollards or wheel stops, please contact our technical team by using the request a quote form above.

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BoPlan Polymer Products

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ECY Armco BoPlan Safety Barriers and Guardrails

All of our Boplan flexible barriers, column protectors and guardrails use BoPlan's FLEX Impact Technology to retain shape after an impact and to minimise damage to vehicle and barrier.

All of ECY Armco BoPlan products are available for supply only or supply and installation. 

Our dedicated team are on hand to help you find the perfect polymer solution for you.