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Column Protectors

Shield Your Columns From Impacts and Accidents

Column protectors offer many benefits in warehouses and car parks:

By investing in column protectors for warehouses and car parks, you improve safety, protect valuable assets, reduce costs, and maintain the structural integrity of your facility. It's a practical and proactive solution that offers long-term benefits for both your operations and the well-being of individuals using the space.

Impact Protection: Column protectors serve as a buffer between vehicles, equipment, and columns, absorbing impacts and minimising damage. They act as a protective barrier, preventing accidental collisions and reducing the risk of structural damage to both columns and vehicles.

Safety Enhancement: By installing column protectors, you create a safer environment for pedestrians, drivers, and employees. The visibility of the column protectors helps to improve awareness and prevent accidents, reducing the risk of injuries caused by collisions with columns.

Cost Savings: Column protectors can save you significant costs in the long run. By preventing damage to columns, you avoid expensive repairs or replacements. Additionally, they protect vehicles and equipment from potential damage, minimising repair costs and downtime.

Easy Installation: Column protectors from ECY Armco are relatively easy to install, allowing for quick implementation in warehouses and car parks without significant disruptions to operations. They can be easily adjusted or relocated as needed.

Check out our various configurations for column protection, including Armco barrier, box beam, warehouse rail, u brackets, lamp post protectors and polymer.

Protect your columns with confidence. Shop our high-quality column protectors from ECY Armco and secure your infrastructure today!

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Column Protectors

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ECY Armco Column Protectors

All of our column protectors are made to size on request. 

With exception of Polymer protectors, our metal column protectors come galvanised as standard and can be painted to any RAL Colours.

All column protectors uk are available for supply only or supply and installation. 

Free quotations and column protection guide support service available


How to Order Your Column Protectors and What Happens Next

  • 1. meausurements.png

    Column Measurements

    For us to design and quote for your column protection requirements, please measure the circumference or lengths and heights needed, including the corners and number of columns
  • 2. contact-us.png

    Contact us

    Phone or email us where our friendly staff will be happy to help.
  • 3. design-support.png

    Column Protector Design & Support

    Our staff will use the information we have been given to advise you on the parts you will need for your column protection requirements and provide you with a quote.
  • 4. delivery-collection.png

    Delivery or Collection

    As our column protectors are made to measure our lead times will vary dependant on the job. Our helpful team will be on hand to advise on lead times for your column protectors
  • 5. installation.png

    Column Protection Installation

    Our team will install your column protection to a high standard. When your job is complete our team is on hand to further assist you should you need it.